Back from the second Dylan show this week. It was really good, really moving. Maybe not so exciting as the show on Monday night, but really good.

Many of the songs were the same, but they were all my favourite ones: “Maggie’s Farm”, “It’s Alright, Ma”*, “Like a Rolling Stone”, “All Along the Watchtower”. But tonight we also heard “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight”, “Just Like a Woman”, “Girl of the North Country”, “Positively 4th Street”, and “Every Grain of Sand”. There’s a lot from Love and Theft: “Honest With Me” repeated from Monday, plus “High Water (For Charlie Patton)”, “Summer Days”, and “Sugar Baby”.

I was also closer this time, probably as close as I’d ever get to him. Bob even smiled once: laughed, really, and it made him mess up the end of the first line in “Like a Rolling Stone”. I don’t know why.

I also noticed something that I forgot from Monday night: Bob sometimes plays the harmonica with one hand (and his mouth, obviously) whilst playing the piano with his other hand. I don’t know how difficult that really is, but I’ve never seen anyone else do it.

I feel really warm and happy and fuzzy that I’ve seen Bob play a couple more times, and good shows in a small venue. His track record notwithstanding, he won’t be doing this forever.

Setlists and reviews from all the Brixton shows can be found here.

*There is no Dylan line that – in any age, under any administration – gets a bigger cheer than, “ But even the president of the United States sometimes must have to stand naked“.