Why Britain should go nuclear

There’s a big debate in the UK at the moment: our nuclear power stations are done and need to be retired. We will lose 20% of our electricity. There’s a huge renewable (wind, solar, and tidal power) lobby that thinks it’s the right choice. The government has angered them – and a lot of other people- by saying it’ll commission new, modern nuclear plants.

I agree with Simon Jenkins that this is the only sensible choice.

Society is not going to turn back from our power-hungry lifestyle. Renewable energy sources just cannot fill the gap. Yes, there are problems with nuclear power (disposal of waste being chief among them), but there are fewer problems than there used to be, and we need to trust in our future ingenuity to overcome those problems. This is not just because I used to work for the nuclear industry: climate change is happening now, and only nuclear can fulfil our energy needs while reducing our impact on global warming.