Touching in

As I mentioned earlier, I went to the doctor today. I got there on time, but saw that there was a queue of several people ahead of me, and it would be some time before I could even let the receptionist know I’d arrived. This happens a lot there: not everyone is just arriving for an appointment. Some people are picking up prescription notes, getting paperwork, arguing over file details, etc.

Then I noticed something new on the wall beside the queue: an electronic touch-screen for appointment check-in. I walked up, entered my last initial, sex, and birth date, and it brought up my listing. It asked me to confirm that I was there for my appointment at time X with doctor Y. No need to queue for the reception desk! Within 30 seconds my doctor came out and called me in. I noticed for other people the screen even indicated how far behind their doctor was running and when they were likely to be called in.

Efficiency on the NHS! Who woulda thunk it?