Back in June I complained of foot pain. It didn’t go away, although it did improve (mainly because I took care not to stand for long periods). I went to the doctor and they told me to continue with the stretches. They helped more, but the pain in my foot has never gone away completely.

In the last few weeks I’ve been back to the doctor and tried a few more things. I had an x-ray a couple of weeks ago; it confirmed that there’s no abnormal bone spur on my heel inflaming the tendon. That’s good. I’ve also been doing new stretches that have helped a lot. I can barely feel it now. Yet it’s still there, and the doctor confirms that it sometimes takes many months to eliminate this sort of tendon inflammation completely. So I’ll just keep on with my exercises and acknowledge that my body’s not as quick with the healing as it used to be.

I had a blood pressure check whilst I was there, though, and that was in perfectly normal range. It’s good to see some things are still working.