Ski Wrap-Up

Now that I’m back and can blog more conveniently, final thoughts on the ski trip.

I liked Tignes and Val d’Isere a lot; better than La Plagne (where we skied two years ago) and Trois Vallees (where we skied last year). A lot of that preference is due to the snow conditions. We were expecting the worst, what with the warm weather recently. But we got some new base before we arrived, and a nice dump the first afternoon. The next two days were gloriously sunny; it was like spring skiing. It was only -8°C up at 3456m, which made for some great glacier skiing.  Tignes is very high, and almost every part of the resort – chalet and pistes – are above the treeline. It’s al open mountains, which makes for roomy skiing and super views.

I also have to give props to Ski Olympic. They were the best of the ski holiday companies we’ve used. The chalet was quality. The staff were very friendly, very helpful, very accomodating. They organised more activities for us than other companies have done. They offered more ski hosting (taking you around the slopes). The food was, by far, the best we’ve had at a chalet. The chef even wrapped up some extra cheese as a gift for me when I raved about the cheese course he made last night.

Finally, it’s always entertaining to see the other guests you get in the chalet. Quite a random bunch, but all friendly and all good for a laugh.

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