Run like the wind

I’m working from home today and went for a run at my lunch break (because I have my philosophy class tonight and so won’t be able to run then). It felt twice as hard as normal because we’re having terrible winds all over the UK. Luckily, it didn’t rain much.

Here’s what bugs my science mind, though. The park I run around is roughly circular, and the winds seem relatively unidirectional; therefore the amount of energy expended to run should be the same, since sometimes the wind will be hindering me and sometimes it will be helping me. It doesn’t ever feel that way, though. I just feel like I’m being battered all the time. Maybe that’s because it’s a very gusty wind, or because having trees on one side or the other on different sides of the park blocks the wind on one side only.

I was actually getting a bit worried whilst running. There were little branches coming down all the time in the strong wind. In one spot a 20-foot, coupla-hundred-pounds limb had come down earlier and lay right across the path.