Chelsea 3 Blackburn 0

SWMNBN’s brother-in-law stayed with us again last night after finishing his work stuff here in London; he goes home today. Because he’s into sport he had asked, before coming over, if we might go see a Premiership football match. As it happens, we live quite close to Chelsea’s home at Stamford Bridge, and they played Blackburn there last night. I was able to get tickets for us when they went on sale a few weeks back.

It was fun. I’ve only been to two Premiership matches in the 6 years I’ve been here. Like all sports, it’s better watched live. I don’t follow football here at all, but – just by osmosis from news and papers – I knew what was going on: 2nd-place Chelsea in a bit of a slump with Liverpool and Arsenal coming up behind them, middle-of-the-pack Blackburn on a bit of a winning streak, Chelsea distracted by speculation on the departure of coach José Mourinho.

Anyhow, it was a decent match to watch. Although Chelsea won 3-0 they didn’t dominate. It was more like several sharp bursts of skill on Chelsea’s part to get those goals, and some very good goalkeeping by them. Blackburn got several chances.

The big moment of the game was actually when Ashley Cole, going up the side with the ball and no one near him, misplaced a foot right on top of the ball and went over on it. It looked painful. They had to stretcher him off. No word yet on how seriously he’s messed up his knee.

At the end of the day, it was a fun night out. It’s always a fun and exciting vibe at a good football match, with the crowd singing and chanting. The quality of football was good. It’s a proper British thing to do.

After the game we walked down the road to 24-hour restaurant Vingt Quatrefor a late meal.