Sunday is fun day

I did almost nothing on Saturday: just stayed at home and watched TV and ate and surfed the interweb. Sunday was different, though.

  • I went for a 5K run. Stopped at that because my knee is a little twitchy.
  • SWMNBN and I went to our local pub, The Red Lion, for a Sunday roast. I had the pork. It was good, and quite busy in there.
  • Did a little shopping. I got some new ski gloves, because my previous ones were years old and on their last legs.
  • Watched Uzak (aka Distant). This award-winning Turkish film of a couple years ago was austere, very quiet. It’s the familiar country mouse/city mouse story. Well-acted, and it shows a very real Istanbul. Don’t watch it if you’re sleepy, though.
  • Saw an amazing gig. Openers Auger Bane were a throwback to the metal years. Pretty clichéd, but they played it well, and their singer was quite good. But ohmigod, all-girl Zeppelin cover band Lez Zeppelinblew the roof off the Mean Fiddler like I never dreamed possible. They were loud and gorgeous and fun and rocked all the Zep classics. I was worried about how the musicianship would hold up, but I was pleasantly surprised. Special cred has to go to Steph Paynes on guitar and Helen Destroy (!) who BASHED THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF THOSE DRUMS JUST LIKE BONZO DID! They played (not in this order) “Whole Lotta Love”, “What Is and What Should Never Be”, “Moby Dick” (HUGE crowd reaction), “Immigrant Song”, “Bron-Y-Aur Stomp”, “Black Dog”, “Rock and Roll”, “Going to California”, “The Song Remains the Same”, “Custard Pie”, and “Kashmir”. But the most incredible slab of brain-rending rock was when they played “Since I’ve Been Loving You”, “The Ocean”, and “Dazed and Confused” right in a row in the middle of the show. That  still makes me shake. Lez Zeppelin: great, great show.