It’s kid stuff

It’s been a mad whirlwind weekend.

Saturday morning we got up early, ate breakfast, and drove to Warwick Castle, where we spent 4 hours climbing towers, jousting, being scared by ghosts, admiring the state rooms, trying on helmets, and seeing what it took to make a king. After a quick take-away sandwich we found Kenilworth Castle: a very different place in that it’s mostly in ruins, but they had an excellent medieval re-creation village inside. Afterwards we found our B&B: possibly the best one we’ve ever been to, the Old Vicarage. We had dinner at a local pub that night.

Sunday morning we got an excellent breakfast at the B&B, hit the road, and made it to Avebury for the prehistoric standing stone circle. I think I like this place better than nearby Stonehenge, since it’s cheaper, you can get closer, and because there’s a pub there where you can get lunch. After this we hit the road and made it back to Windsor for Legoland, but only to hit the gift shop. Then we drove to downtown London, walked on the South Bank a bit, took a spin around the London Eye for the fantastic view of all London, and finished with dinner at Pizza Express.

By all reports, our first weekend delivering UK fun to a 10-year old has been a success.