Junk mail and politics

I hadn’t thought about it before, but our previous flat sheltered us from junk mail and front-door callers. Our door was not reached through the main entrance, like most of the flats in the building; it was around the side and up some stairs.

I can see now that this small remove must have defeated people delivering junk mail, because we get about 5 times more now than we used to. Useless flyers for taxi companies, home insurance, cleaners, and all manner of services are now dropped non-stop through our mail slot.

Also, since a local by-election is coming up, I’ve had two political visitors today. One was a young man passing out a survey on behalf of the Liberal Democrats, asking local opinions of street cleanliness, crime, and green space. They said if I filled it out and left it sticking out the mail slot in our front door, they’d come by and grab it later. I happily did so.

The other visitor was a fellow who was trying to gather the 10 signatures necessary to run for Ealing council as the local Official Monster Raving Loony Party candidate. I’m all for electoral choice, so I signed his petition (I was the first). I was disappointed that he seemed to be one of the more sensible members of Screaming Lord Sutch’s satirical party, but he was quite polite.