Demonstrations in glass houses shouldn’t thrown Steorn

Last year I blogged a couple of times about Steorn, an Irish technology company who claim to have made a free-energy device (i.e., one that creates energy from nowhere, which would violate the physical law of conservation of energy).

I’ve kept tabs on this from time to time, since I don’t believe it. Steorn continue their pseudo-science tactics: not peer-reviewing the results, claiming that they have support that won’t go on the record, and selecting their own panel of “experts” to “verify” that their magneto-mechanical device creates more energy than it requires to run.

The latest stunt is that Steorn had planned a demo at a glass-walled arts space here in London from last night. As of noon today, that demo had still not happened, and Steorn were citing “technical difficulties”. Quel surprise.

If they do manage to prove that they’re creating free energy out of nowhere, I’ll be the first one to line up and praise them and give them a million dollars (if someone gives me a million dollars). But the scientific method means I must doubt them, because they claim they’ve broken a thermodynamic observation that has been given the status of law. Conservation of energy is about as fundamental as it gets. The fact that Steorn are not going about the unveiling of their discovery in anything like the accepted method for scientific disclosure just makes it even more suspicious. I still think the whole thing is an attention-grabbing stunt.

You can read a bit more of the history and recent activity on Respectful Insolence.