Step back

I don’t travel to work every day, so a monthly train pass wouldn’t be economical for me. Almost exactly a year ago, I therefore rejoiced when the National Rail train station at Ealing Broadway replaced their old ticket machines and put in shiny, new ones that took cards.

One day later I was already blogging about how those new machines were breaking down. All in all, though, my ticket-buying experiences in the last year have been much better than they were previously. The new machines worked pretty well, and I never had to worry about having the right change.

I was, however, very confused a week ago when even newer machines were put into the station. They seem to operate in the same way as the old ones did, and don’t offer any different functionality that I can see except that they print out the tickets a little quicker. Fine.

The problem is that they took out the four old machines and replaced them with three of the new ones. So, the queues are longer again. Especially on a day like yesterday, when one of them was – surprise, surprise – out of order.

First Great Western’s web site says that there will eventually be ten of the new machines. I hope that happens soon.