Hooray, I’m old!

I turned Nearly 40 on January 2nd. Because most people are still hung over on that day, SWMNBN and I celebrated with a nice Italian meal at Ealing’sOsteria del Portico. Super, as ever.

Today, we gathered with PC and AK for a combination happy-birthday-Tim and welcome-to-2008 at the Builders Arms pub in Kensington. We’d been here once before with PC, and it’s a really nice pub. Nice area, comfy inside, lots of choice on tap, and good food. The service was a bit slow today because of some problems with the kitchen, apparently, but we had it better than those who showed up later than us. I saw the bar staff chew out the cook, and at least one customer asked for their money back.

In any case, everyone’s well, we caught up and had a laugh, had some grub, and I got some birthday swag (mostly books, and quite nice ones). It was a good use of a lovely Sunday afternoon.

There will be one more birthday celebration: later this month, a joint party with our neighbour.