“I was one the Internets, using the Googles…”

This has been a super weekend.

On Friday night we went down to Shepherd’s Bush with one of neighbours. We stopped in to The Defector’s Weld pub and had a bite and a drink. Afterwards we went across the green to the cinema to see No Country For Old Men. It lived up to the hype: what a serious, slow-burning, well-crafted film. What a portrait of evil from Javier Bardem. I definitely need to see it again.

Saturday was jam packed.

  • I got up early and went for a 10km run, ate breakfast, got cleaned up.
  • Went to The Social, a cool bar on Little Portland Street, where The Duke Spirit were having a CD playback of their upcoming album,Neptune. It sounded great, just like their other stuff. It was a laid-back atmosphere, with a couple of dozen people and a couple of guys from the band hanging out around metal tables and dimmed light bulbs.
  • Met up with a couple of friends at The Ship on Wardour Street, had a few drinks, and sold one of them a Queens of the Stone Age ticket I can no longer use. After catching up, we had a tasty dinner at Neal’s Yard Salad Bar since one person is vegan, and then had a quick drink at The Boardwalk in Soho (half-price drinks before 8pm, and the place was empty!).
  • Afterwards, Kitty and I broke from the crowd, because we had tickets to see Henry Rollins at the Hammersmith Apollo. It was a spoken-word event, which is Henry’s shtick these days. He came on promptly at 8pm, and didn’t stop ranting, even for a drink of water, until just after 11pm. He’s nearly 50 but he still channels that punk rage, and in a really entertaining way. He talked about his penchant for visiting places like Islamabad, Damascus, Tehran, and Beirut on his own, wandering the streets and meeting people (he was in Pakistan when Bhutto was assassinated). He talked about being disappointed by heroes like Ted Nugent in his youth, but finding new ones like Van Halen. He talked about being an obsessive musical collector. He talked about loving – and then getting a chance to perform with – The Ruts. He talked about how awesome Canadians are. He apologised just a little for George Bush: since his days in office are numbered he suggested we simply sit back and laugh, since without Karl Rove the president is saying stupider things than ever. Henry’s irascible and funny and loud and inquisitive; it was a good show.
  • I got home in time to enjoy the tail end of a dinner party thrown by our neighbour two doors down.

So far, the only excitement Sunday has held is doing some laundry. Even if that’s it, it’s been an excellent weekend.