London Bloggers meetup: happy 2008

I went to the third London Bloggers meetup (my second time) last night.

Like the last one, it was at the Camel & Artichoke pub just outside Waterloo station. It was even more well-attended than the last, with the maximum of 40 bloggers. This might have had something to do with the fact that local-info network Qype paid for a couple of drinks for each of us. We had the whole upstairs reserved, which made it easy to mill about and table-hop to meet new folks.

I was only able to stay a couple of hours, but I learned a lot. I met Francine, a fellow Canadian (sort of: ha!) who’s only been in London a month. I met Chris, who in his capacity at Londonist was the one who linked my rave about Just Falafs. I met Graham (I think this is him) who blogs about London transport issues, and who gave me some fascinating background on why First Great Western’s rail woes might not be their fault. I met Oliver from OpenAds andMex and a bunch of other people.

Possibly the most intriguing thing I learned last night was the growing popularity of Moo MiniCards: I ordered some this morning, with some nifty Flickr imagery on them.

It’s interesting to hear why people are blogging, and just talk nerd shop with everyone.