Qype Hype

I’m really starting to get into Qype.

I’ve mentioned them before: they sponsored one of the earlier London Blogger Meetups. They also gave a case of wine to whomever wrote the most entertaining review of the pub that meetup was held at; whomever turned out to be me (the case arrived today! woohoo!).

Since I joined Qype to write that first review, I’ve found it to be a fun little reviewing community. I’ve written 26 of my own – most of them places I’ve reviewed or mentioned here at The Plummet Onions in the past anyway. And I’ve just spotted that my review of Camden club Koko has been tagged as their London review of the day.

EDIT: and, just now, I’ve gotten enough review points that I’ve made “Qype Insider”. Which means I get a T-shirt and some stickers, I think. Hey, works for me.