It’s definitely Marisa Tomei

We joined one of the Neighbours last night for a pub quiz at the King’s Arms, just a few steps from our front door. It was fun. The regulars weren’t snooty towards us, and we didn’t come in last: pretty good, since we were the smallest team at only three people.

The quiz was harder than I expected. We did really well on the celebrity-photo identification round and on the guess-the-TV-show-from-the-pictured-scene round (and cleverly played our points-doubling joker on the latter round). Did so-so on the name-the-musicals round and the capitals of Asia marathon. But on military history and sports winners of 2002 we were sorely lacking.

But it’s good fun for £1 a head, and you get a few pints and laughs in. You don’t lose anything for a wrong guess and the adjacent table marks your scores each round, so I endeavoured to be entertaining on the answers we had absolutely no idea about.