Two personal good-news stories around trains:

  • The renovations at Ealing Broadway station are progressing, and there are now seven shiny new ticket machines. There’s no queuing anymore. Gone are the days when two of the three old machines (which didn’t take cards) would be broken and my commute would be delayed. Thanks (finally) for the improved customer self-service,National Rail!
  • The Oyster Card I’ve had for some time tube travel cracked and became unusable on Wednesday. ‘But Tim,’ you’re saying, ‘how is that a good-news story?’ Clever child, I’ll tell you. Transport for Londonstaff gave me a form to have it replaced which I filled out and brought back the next day. I thought this would have to go off and I’d get a new Oyster Card in a week or two. But lo and behold the smiling lady at the ticket counter said she could generate a new card for me right there on the spot. Which she did. Thanks for the speedy and helpful customer service, TfL!