Tuesday Tunes

My iPod shuffled up some excellent tunes for my morning commute. Check out this random playlist:

  • “Stockholm Syndrome” by Muse
  • “Ode to O-Ren Ishii” by RZA
  • “Somebody Have Mercy” by Colin James
  • “Cutting It Fine” by Asia
  • “Oh, Lonesome Me” by Neil Young
  • “Reckless Life” by Guns ‘n’ Roses
  • “18 Ghosts II” by Nine Inch Nails
  • “Hotel California” by The Eagles
  • “I Should Know” by Dirty Vegas
  • “The Complainer’s Boogie Woogie” by William Clarke
  • “True Fine Love” by Steve Miller Band
  • “Salt the Stings” by The Duke Spirit
  • “Calling Elvis” by Dire Straits
  • “Mother” by Pink Floyd
  • “We’ll Meet Again” by Johnny Cash
  • “Sometimes I Feel So Lonely” by Primal Scream