Hard Core Logo

Bruce McDonald is a Canadian film and TV director. His work – especially his film work – often looks at the oddball underbelly of life. In 1996 he made a film about the demise of the Canadian west coast punk music scene, Hard Core Logo, in the form of a mockumentary about a fictional band of the same name.

It featured a few cameos by actual musicians – Joey Ramone and Art Bergmann included. The lead part was played by Hugh Dillon, who was the lead singer for Canadian rock band The Headstones, one of the most popular bands of the ’90s. The currently popular band Billy Talent took its name from a character in the film.

Dino and I saw that film at an arthouse cinema in Ottawa, Canada, and I thought it was pretty cool. I also remember that one other friend, with more mainstream cinematic tastes, walked out halfway through. I’ve not seen it in a while (and it’s only available in region 1 DVD), but I’ve been thinking of watching it again.

I found McDonald’s choice for soundtrack one of the most interesting aspects of the production, though. At the film’s release, the album produced to coincide with it was part of the mockumentary: it was called A Tribute To Hard Core Logo, and featured versions of the songs played in the film recorded by other Canadian bands. It’s an excellent, fun album, especially for those familiar with Canadian music. An actual soundtrack was released a couple of years later, but the variety of the original “tribute” wins, in my opinion.

Hard Core Logo film poster

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