BBC Street Science 1: Human-animal embryos

This past week BBC Radio 4 did a daily show called Street Science. Each was a short (approximately 15 minutes) programme wherein a leading UK scientist would have a discussion on a controversial area of science with members of the public. That public would be specifically chosen to be a group that would likely have an opinion at the other end of the controversy.

The first programme had the unfortunately-named Professor Stephen Minger, an expert in stem cell research, explaining what he does to some members of St. Mary’s Anglican Church in Kent. It’s a very calm, straightforward discussion, with very little controversy at all. Stem cell research is a good thing, and very strictly regulated here.

I think the lack of controversy is a symptom of a meeting of reasonable minds, one-on-one, rather than of sensationalist reporting through headlines and non-experts.

Playback is only in RealAudio, but it’s worth a listen. I’ll be blogging about the rest of the series throughout the next five days.