BBC Street Science 3: Genetically modified foods

In the third programme of BBC Radio 4’s Street Science series, former government science advisor Sir David King meets some breakfasters at a caféthat was the centre of anti-genetic modification (GM) activism in the ’90s.

Of this science series, this is probably the one where I have the most internal conflict. I’m still mostly with the science here: GM foods have been consumed for more than 15 years in large quantities in the Americas, and they drive the cost of food production down and make it more available in places that need it. Some people might say that American food mightn’t be the best advertisment, but I think that North American problems with crap food and obesity are due to other factors. I think that European resistance to GM foods is disproportionately high.

Still, I can see where there might be long-term risks. GM should definitely proceed, but I’m glad that there’s groups keeping a close eye on it.