El excelente bogavante de Nueva Escocia

I work for a multinational company. We’ve just had our last weekly staff meeting. These meetings are actually phone conferences, since my boss is in Madrid and the other members of my team are in Amsterdam and Rome.

The boss was asking everyone what their plans were over the holidays. I mentioned that I was going home to Canada on Friday. He asked me if I was flying to Toronto or Ottawa. I said neither, I live on the east coast and will be flying to Halifax.

He said, “Oh, will you get lots of lobster there?”

I left aside the fact that I don’t care for lobster, and remarked that I was surprised that he knew that that part of Canada was known for its lobster. He responded that he didn’t really know, but he guessed because there is a well-known lobster restaurant just outside Madrid named “Halifax”.

I looked it up, and it’s true. Halifax flies in live Canadian lobsters each week. It’s even in a log cabin. Check out the picture gallery.