Chris Cornell makes me want to Scream

A few years back, Chris Cornell – formerly of awesome band Soundgarden – and everyone but Zach de la Rocha from the then former but also awesome band Rage Against the Machine joined up to create a hard rock band calledAudioslave. They were never as great or innovative as either previous band, and in fact they got a lot of critical stick. But I thought that they were okay, and even saw them play live once.

Audioslave only lasted for a couple of albums, though. RATM reunited and toured last year. Cornell went back to making solo albums and doing soundtrack songs (he co-wrote and performed “You Know My Name”, which accompanied the opening titles for the Bond film Casino Royale).

Unfortunately, Cornell’s gone and done something that makes his Audioslave turn look like an artistic masterstroke: he’s made an album with minimalist, ubiquitous hip-hop producer Timbaland.

I just listened to a few tracks. It does not work well. It is not a good combination. It is shite. The critical view agrees: it’s shite. Even Trent Reznor thinks it’s shite.