Musical Migrants: BBC Radio 4 show on moving for the music

There was a good series on Radio 4 last week called Musical Migrants. They were 30-minute programmes that charted the biographies of people who moved to another country because of music. I caught two shows and found both fascinating:

  • A Dutch woman named Stella Rodrigues gave up her plan to become a concert violinist when she heard the fiddle playing in Irish folk music, and ended up moving to the Emerald Isle. Her description of the ettiquette of live Irish folk playing is funny, as is her naturally blunt Dutch tendency to ignore some of those rules.
  • An American named Carl Linich heard Georgian folk music – mutli-parta capella male choirs – and fell for it so hard he moved to that nation when it was embroiled in civil war.

It’s great to hear stories about people who were so moved by music that they relocated from home, friends and family for it.

You can catch the last couple of shows on the iPlayer for another few days if you’re in the UK and you’re quick.