TV tonight: Inside Nature’s Giants – Elephant

At 9pm UK time on Channel 4 tonight is the first show in a science series called Inside Nature’s Giants. They’re doing detailed, on-camera dissections of large animals. In this first show they’re pulling the guts out of an elephant. In future shows they’re dissecting a giraffe, a crocodile, and a whale.

At first the ads made me wonder if it was just going to be a bizarre TV freakfeast. But then I noticed that Richard Dawkins makes a couple of appearances and figured it must have some scientific cred.

It looks like Charlie Brooker thought the same as I did, but changed his mind dramatically during his preview screening.

This is a rare thing – a hardcore biological science documentary that will both entertain and enlighten almost anyone who watches.

It’s also strangely moving. Because they chop that elephant to pieces all right – but they do so with palpable love. Watch it. It’s amazing.