A week of non-stop jazz across the UK: the NeverEndingSong

Restaurant chain Pizza Express have always supported jazz music; it makes a gentle and comforting background to their just-classy-enough middle-of-the-road market position.

Now they’re setting some musicians out on the road to play a jazz riff around the clock for seven days. They’ll tour the UK, picking up improvisers along the way.

An incredibly talented group of jazz musicians will perform a specially created piece of music non-stop, 24 hours a day for seven days as they tour the length and breadth of Britain.

With this being jazz, the ‘song’ will continually evolve as it’s shaped by collaborations with local talent from the cities and regions it passes through: London, Brighton, Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Edinburgh.

I know I’ve listened to some jazz that made it feel like it’d been going on forever. But I heard the start of the NeverEndingSong this morning on Radio 4 and it sounded pleasant enough, with lots of space for variation and additions.

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