Scientists fighting back after government attack in the UK

Looks like I left behind a storm of public policy on science in the UK.

Professor David Nutt is the chairman of the government-sponsored Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs. He’s been trying to put into perspective some of the hysteria around the relative levels of harm of cannabis and ecstasy – drugs to which the UK government had softened, then recently re-hardened, their stance.

It seems that caused some public arguments that resulted in Nutt questioning the UK’s drug policy. That, in turn, got him fired from his position on the Council.

The BBC reports that senior UK academics are now urging the UK government to live by principles of scientific independence, and not to politicise the viewpoints of experts.

Of course, that paper-based collection of excrement The Daily Mail – which loves a good drugs panic – indulges in some deep moral and intellectual relativism about how those arrogant scientists don’t know everything. Unbelievably, they even break Godwin’s Law.