Steorn: still a steaming pile of crap

Overnight someone posted a comment on one of my previous posts about Steorn, an Irish company who claim they have a device that can create more energy than it uses, and how they’ve recently released their technology that does this, called Orbo.

Let’s forget that they tried to demonstrate it a few years ago in London, and failed. Or that they attracted a group of independent scientists who said there’s no evidence of what Steorn says.

Now they’ve released Orbo. But “released” means a video on their website, plus some streams of a whirling plastic device. What does that prove? Nothing.

But wait! This device isn’t the same as the one they trumpeted before. Initially they said that Orbo worked with permanent magnets. Now they’re using electromagnets (i.e., magnets powered by electricity) with a battery in the circuit. They claim the device is powering the battery. Who can say?

But wait again! They’re also launching the Steorn Knowledge Development Base (SKDB)! Jut pay 419 Euros and you’re in! Then maybe you’ll see the light.

There’s nothing here that demonstrates Steorn and Orbo and their over-unity claims are anything more than a load of bollocks.