fbi Social

fbi is my favourite radio station here in Sydney. They’re opening their own bar, the fbi Social, on the second foor of the King’s Cross Hotel. I bumped into someone at the Sydney Twestival this week who was going, later that same evening, to the Social’s opening media night. The part of my brain that is responsible for charm must have been working, because he asked if I wanted to go along.

I did. We left Twestival and taxied over to the Cross. We had no problem at all getting in; I didn’t even have to prove that I was an fbi passionate supporter(which I am). We had more of a problem identifying which floor we were meant to be on. But once there it was pretty cool: it’s just the right size, with space well laid out for both having a drink with friends and watching whatever band is playing.

That night it was Deep Sea Arcade, who I like a lot. They were even younger than I expected. Their psychedelic pop hit the spot, though. I felt pretty lucky to have stumbled across folks nice enough to have invited me along to a fun, funky spot. I’ll be heading back.