The Best of Starts With A Bang: Top 10 for 2011

Starts With a Bang is my favourite science blog. Ethan does a great job of spelling out, in (literally) graphic detail, all sorts of difficult but fundamental topics. He’s very prolific and funny, too.

Here are his top 10 science stories of the year, as described on his blog:

  1. We Think Our Universe is Just One Tiny Bit of a Multiverse.
  2. How the Entire Universe Could Have Come From Nothing, to Give Us Everything!
  3. The First Atoms ever Formed in the Universe: Found, Direct from the Big Bang!
  4. The James Webb Space TelescopeSaved from the Brink of Termination.
  5. The Smallest Mini-Galaxy in the Universe: its Discovery and its Dark Matter.
  6. Why Claims of Cold Fusion Don’t Stand Up to Science.
  7. The Closest Supernova to us in a Generation.
  8. The Saga of Faster-Than-Light Neutrinos: Are They Real?
  9. The First Earth-like Exoplanets: Habitability and Size-wise.
  10. The Large Hadron Collider’s First Evidence for the Higgs.