Steorn: finally backing down on claims?

I’ve been blogging since 2006 about Irish company Steorn, ever since they claimed they’d created a device that broke the laws of physics and created more energy than it used. You can read the laughable history here.

Every once in a while I check in to see if anything’s happening: if any ludicrous new claims have been made, or any new demonstrations have failed (as they always have). There’s been no significant events, but there does seem to be an implicit admission in their website. The claims seem to have softened:

Delayed magnetic field propagation is a limited area of exploration within the physics community…The development of this technology is continuous as work progresses to the end goal of providing a safe, stable and continuous electrical power output.

They also talk about the experience in “e-commerce, anti-fraud, and energy” projects. If they still believed they had a machine that could solve the world’s energy problems it seems unlikely they’d list it third.

At least they’ve finally come to their senses. I hope no one outside the company lost any money on all that nonsense.