Coursera: Data Analysis final grade

24 March 2013

The grades are in for the Data Analysis course I completed recently on Coursera: I passed quite easily with a score of 88.8%. Yay me!

completion grade

However, the minimum score for a pass with distinction was 90%. AAARRGGGHHH!

Never mind. I had a lot of fun, and learned an immense amount. It’s not like this certificate is actually recognised as a formal qualification by anyone, nor do I need it for my job.

But I was so close.

The professor released a few course stats, and they are impressive numbers:

  • There were approximately 102,000 students from around the world enrolled in the course at the start.
  • About 51,000 watched the lecture videos.
  • About 20,000 did weekly online quizzes.
  • About 5,500 did the two data analysis assignments.

There’s no word yet if Coursera is going to offer this course again. If you want to torture yourself with data analysis you can already do so, though:

  • All the lecture videos are on YouTube.
  • All the lecture notes are on Github.

You can also watch a podcast to hear Jeff, our professor, share his thoughts on the first-time experience of teaching a massive open online course (MOOC). The key points for me:

  • He purposely made the course difficult.
  • The biggest challenge was the immense heterogeneity of students (i.e., how different we all were).
  • The message boards were really helpful and interesting, as they give students more time to explore ideas.
  • The message boards were like any other on the internet in that some people are great and some people are jerks and most are in between.
  • He knew there would be problems with peer grading but there was really no other way to grade assignments.
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