Large Hadron Collider to get fired up again this weekend

Tests are going well, and it looks like CERN may fire up the Large Hardon Collider (LHC) again this weekend. They’ve shown that they can fire protons around the collider, and that the detectors are working. If things continue, they should soon be smashing particles. You’ll remember that testing has been delayed because on 19 […]

Large Hadron rap

Back in May I posted about the Large Hadron Collider, the particle accelerator and collider in Switzerland that fires up this summer. We hope it’ll shed light on some fundamental mysteries of physics. Some nutters think it’ll create a mini black hole (ignore them). Some of the scientists at CERN have used that most timeless […]

LHC breaks beam collision record

The Large Hadron Collider continues to ramp up, and is setting new records for particle collisions. In your face, Simon Jenkins. From the BBC: The world’s highest-energy particle accelerator has produced a record-breaking particle collision rate – about double the previous rate. The collider is now generating around 10,000 particle collisions per second. Compact Muon […]