Libel Reform: A Conversation with Simon Singh

From Open Culture, some background and a Q&A with the man who’s fighting for UK libel reform. An excerpt: OPEN CULTURE: Why should this concern someone living away from the British Isles? SIMON SINGH: The issue of libel tourism means that everyone in the world should be scared of the English libel law.  If you […]

Simon Singh: fighting unfair libel is a full-time job

In May 2009 I blogged about how UK science journalist and personality Simon Singh was being sued by that country’s chiropractic association because he expressed his learned scientific opinion that chiropractic wotsits are bogus. I followed up with blogs giving my support (for what that’s worth) and celebrating that Singh was fighting back. Last week […]

Science and Rational Thought in Australian Politics

I started reading The Geek Manifesto this morning. The book, by UK writer and journalist Mark Henderson, is a call to those who love science and its proven method for finding the truth to make your will felt in the public sphere. Too long have uninformed, reactionary, crowd-pleasing, lowest-common-denominator politics filled the public discourse, he […]

Nine Carols and Lessons for Godless People

During a holiday different-points-view piece last year, UK comedian Robin Ince was told that as he was an atheist he must want to do away with the holiday season altogether. To show that secularists and scientists can be as festive (and lazy and overindulgent) as anyone else, Ince arranged a holiday show of comedy and […]