Steorn: finally backing down on claims?

I’ve been blogging since 2006 about Irish company Steorn, ever since they claimed they’d created a device that broke the laws of physics and created more energy than it used. You can read the laughable history here. Every once in a while I check in to see if anything’s happening: if any ludicrous new claims […]

Steorn: now with even more forms of an Orbo that doesn’t work

A few months ago Irish company Steorn gave their final demonstration of Orbo, the whirling magnetic device that they claim creates more energy than it uses but which demonstrated nothing to anyone. Now Steorn are back. And this time they have another version of the device that doesn’t do what it says: and it’s solid […]

The jury is in: no free energy from Steorn

Long-time readers will know I’ve followed the story of Steorn, the Irish company that claimed they’d made a permanent-magnetic device that produced more energy than it consumed (which is impossible). A couple of years ago Steorn selected a jury of scientists and engineers to evaluate their free-energy technology (all demonstration attempts since then have failed). […]

Steorn to demo Orbo before next summer. Maybe.

Remember Steorn? That wacky Irish dot-com company who claimed they had a magnetic device that broke the first law of thermodynamics and produced more energy than it used? Who have refused to allow scientists to examine their device (which they call “Orbo”)? Who tried to demonstrate Orbo in London last year, only to see that […]

Steorn in a teacup

It looks like it’s the hot lights that are bothering Steorn’s free-energy generator. Aww. Quite understandably, there is a lot of interest about this. Since I blogged about Steorn earlier today, my blog hits have skyrocketed, mostly on Technorati tags of the company name. I’ve also gotten at least one hit from the Steorn Knowledge […]

Steorn brewing

I blogged recently about an Irish company, Steorn, that claims they’ve broken the law of Conservation of Energy, and have produced a magnetic device that creates more energy than it uses. If they’re right, then we potentially have free, limitless power, for nothing, at our disposal. They claim they’ve tested this themselves several times over […]