I’m a Canadian who recently ended a several-year stint in the UK. I work in networking and telecom, and blog a lot about whatever amuses me. Mostly it seems that music (usually live) and science amuses me.

My name is Tim, but you can call me Mr. Dickinson.

I lived in Canada from 1969 until 2001. I grew up in the tiny area of West Brook, near Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. From 1987 to 1993 I went to university in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I lived for a year in Toronto, and then for about a year and a half in Pembroke (also in Ontario) whilst doing more university studies. From late 1995 until 2001 I lived in Ottawa, Ontario. From early 2001 until late 2009 I lived in London, UK (with a side trip to France in 2007 to get married).

I currently live in Sydney, Australia.

I grew up on a farm, but I live in cities now. I still go back to the farm about twice a year.

My qualifications are in science and engineering.

I’ve worked for the Canadian government in a few different departments: the Defence ministry, the Atomic Energy agency, and the Space agency. Since 1998 I’ve been in communications and networking.