Unlucky in Canada

On my way through Toronto to the US the other day, I was subjected to a 3-hour delay. It was quite late when I got into LAX, which made me unhappy.

I was pleased, then, when I arrived at Toronto tonight and saw my flight back to London was on time.

I was very displeased, then,  when I came out of the restaurant after grabbing a bite to find that my flight is currently 1.5 hours late. I hope it doesn’t slip any more.

Leaving America

I’m off in a couple of hours to begin the long trek home. It was a good trip, but short. I managed to see a couple of things yesterday, like Hollywood Boulevard and the La Brea tar pit. I ate some pretty good food, too. I never really adjusted to the 8-hour time difference, though, and feel like I’ve been drowsy most of the time I’ve been here.

Okay, Air Canada: no major delays this time.