Canada falling behind in science funding

Science funding is getting its share of the American economic stimulus package, despite the Republicans’ efforts. Yay!

It’s a very different story in the nation of my birth, though. Boo! Federal science grants are being reduced and focused by the Conservative government there. Genome Canada, which has put Canada on the genetic research map, lacks funds.

Luckily, Canadian media seems to be highlighting this as a problem: those last two Nature blog posts contain links to stories in the Globe & Mail and on the CBC.

Florida observations

  • It’s hot and humid.
  • Although there are a lot of old people living here, there are a lot of tourists too, so it doesn’t feel as geriatric as I thought it might.
  • Naples has a nice beach.
  • Lots of turtles and birds.
  • I can still manage to go for a good run as long as I start early enough (i.e., before 8am).
  • People drive sloooooowly.

There are some other generic American observations that I’ve made before, too, like how cheap food and gas are, how large portions are, and how every other ad on TV is for some sort of pharmaceutical cure for erectile dysfunction or restless leg syndrome or whatever.


A couple of points of Americana.

They put too much ice in their soft drinks.

There are billboards everywhere.

Every bank has a drive-through ATM. I saw drive-through pharmacies, and town council bill payment drive-through windows.

I just got carded at the airport bar. I am 2 months away from being 39 years old.


Two weeks from today I have to go to the US – Raleigh, NC – for work for a week. I have mixed feelings about this. I haven’t really visited the US since early 2002, and am sort of keen to see it again, see what’s new, see what’s the same. In another way, America freaks me out more than it ever has.