Music Alliance Pact: music blogs from around the world

From i guess i’m floating, catch the latest installment of the Music Alliance Pact:

a collection of music blogs from around the world who band together once a month to shed light on up-and-comers from their home countries. It’s sort of like the WTO without the human rights violations.

Whether you’re interested in sampling songs from one of the 31 countries in the alliance, or seeing what music blogging is like in those nations, have a read. I like Sridhar/Thayil’s “Bring Me Rain” (from India).

Soul Sides

Maybe you’re looking to stretch your musical tastes a bit.

Maybe your knowledge of soul and r&b doesn’t go beyond the soundtrack toThe Big Chill and The Blues Brothers.

Maybe you want to know more about what afrobeat sounds like.

Maybe you want to get funked up.

Maybe you want to know what modern soul sounds like.

Maybe you should read Soul Sides, an excellent soul mp3 blog that’s celebrating its 5th year.

Science Blogging 2008: London

Nature Network, in collaboration with the Royal Institution, is holding its inaugural science blogging conference in London at the end of August.Science Blogging 2008: London will have a keynote speech fromBadscience’s Ben Goldacre, talks about how blogging might be able to influence the public perception of science, how-to workshops, discussions about the uses of science blogs, and more.

It looks pretty neat to me, and I’ve just registered. There are a few fun getting-to-know-you events as well: some pub visits, and a walking down of scientific sites in London. I might not be able to do all the extras, but I’ll certainly be at the main conference.

Bay of Fundy blog

My Joggins Fossil Cliffs post yesterday reminded me of a blog from back home that my brothers told me about: Bay of Fundy blog.

Blogger Terri McCulloch decided that the amazing area where she lives – and where I grew up – deserved a little more web attention. Her blog about it is really good, and is gaining a lot of attention and acclaim. In the last couple of months she’s covered diverse but unique regional topics: how to cook marsh greens, the Not Since Moses race across the ocean floor, garden tours in one of the first North American settlements by Europeans, whale watching and dead whale disposal, where to spend your Canada Day, a recipe for blueberry lavender scones, new restaurants, lighthouses, and suggested driving routes.

I think a blog like this has great potential as a regional-reader shared experience, and as a well-presented tourist guide. Anyone looking for a summer holiday in North America should give some serious thought to the maritime provinces of Canada, and anyone visiting the Maritimes should definitely use Terri’s blog to have some fun in the Bay of Funday area.

Check out the pictures of the Bay that people have put on Flickr.

Out of the

If you’ve noticed that my file-sharing widget on the right there shows up empty a lot these days, it’s not because I’ve emptied it out. It’s a bug. Some other WordPress bloggers are having the same trouble. support folks are working on it.

In the meantime, if there was a song there you really wanted, you can get them all here.