Backlog of angry travellers

There’s another day of domestic BA flights cancelled from Heathrow. International flights still okay, and terminal 3 (where Air Canada flies from) doesn’t have any domestic flights, so perhaps the catch-up queues won’t be too bad on Saturday. I’m now anticipating that the worst bit will be the appraoch to the airport. We’ll probably take the tube, and not a taxi, to avoid this.

There were some very angry Americans being interviewed on Radio 4 this morning. They’d been on the continent yesterday and had been flown to Heathrow to connect to onward flights, but they’d not been told of the fog problems before they got here. If they’d been told that they’d be stuck here once they got on their flight, they might have changed to a flight to Manchester or Birmingham or something, but they were never given that option. Instead, they were given blankets for the night in Heathrow.

The fog is lifting a bit now.