NIN fan project sees daylight

Remember when I mentioned that Nine Inch Nails fans are taking advantage of Trent Reznor’s creative commons leanings?

The audio bit is here. Get it. I am.

From The NIN Hotline:

After two rounds of intense torrent testing, art work updating, a skipped dinner replaced by ice water, and a trip in to work at 3am to take advantage of the fast internet, it comes with great excitement (and even more relief) to present to you the audio release of Another Version of the Truth.

This double-feature audio torrent captures the final stages of the Nine Inch Nails: Lights In The Sky 2008 tour.

‘Las Vegas’ – consists of a fully fan co-ordinated, recorded, and produced version of the final show in Las Vegas, mixed and mastered from a variety of hi-quality fan audio sources.

‘The Gift’ – takes footage supplied by Nine Inch Nails from 3 different shows in the final part of the tour, carefully edited together to get the best of each show.

The torrent is available in either 320kb MP3 or FLAC.


NIN to go on hiatus after co-headline tour with Jane’s

I’m a few days behind because I was lollygagging about in Ottawa, but the big news in Nine Inch Nails world is that Trent Reznor’s decided to chill for a while.The band will do a co-headlining tour with Jane’s Addiction – who invited NIN onto the first Lollapalooza tour, giving the band their big break – and then go into hiatus afterwards.

This is probably good timing. NIN have produced a few years of very good concerts. I just want to see one more European leg and I’ll be happy. Then Trent go move on to making a reality TV show about trying to kick the “none more black” clothing habit, or whatever it is he wants to do next.

This One Is On Us: NIN fan video project

Although I’ve blogged about all of it before, Shreena sums up the background well (credit where it’s due; it seems this is the blurb from, though Shreena is a part of that effort):

On 5th May, 2008, Nine Inch Nails released their latest album, The Slip, free, online, as a gift to their fans. Or as Trent put it: “This one’s on me”.

On December 13th, 2008, dozens of Nine Inch Nails fans recorded the last show in the Lights In The Sky tour at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas.

On January 7th, 2009, over 400Gb of video from the Victoria, Portland and Sacramento shows was unofficially released by the band.

Eris lays out the inevitable obsessive fan reaction:

Some very talented NINnies have been having their way with some excellent footage from many of the shows this year in the Lights in the Sky tour of Nine Inch Nails. What has surfaced is a totally fan collaborated DVD set called Another Version of the Truth: This One is On Us.

The web page for the project, with info on how to get the double-DVD release, is here.

The teaser video is below.

EDIT: and it looks like there’s more fan video projects underway.

400GB of raw HD concert video for NIN fans

Just over a year ago Trent Reznor (aka Nine Inch Nails) freed himself of all big-label constraints. As a result he’s been doing wacky things.

First he suddenly released a 4-CD instrumental album (partly free) which turned out to be Amazon’s best-selling MP3 album of 2008.

Then he released an entire album for free.

A couple of months ago Trent said he wanted to film a 3D concert video of their upcoming shows. That plan fell through, so he nixed the typical “no video” policy for several of those shows instead.

It seems he wasn’t content with letting the fanboys be the only ones to share in the fun. 400 GB of high-def concert video, taken via commercial video recorder, from those shows has just been made available for torrenting from The challenge has been put out to those willing to download and edit it: make yerself some fan vid!

NINPhoto from monotransistor via Creative Commons license