Junk mail and politics

I hadn’t thought about it before, but our previous flat sheltered us from junk mail and front-door callers. Our door was not reached through the main entrance, like most of the flats in the building; it was around the side and up some stairs.

I can see now that this small remove must have defeated people delivering junk mail, because we get about 5 times more now than we used to. Useless flyers for taxi companies, home insurance, cleaners, and all manner of services are now dropped non-stop through our mail slot.

Also, since a local by-election is coming up, I’ve had two political visitors today. One was a young man passing out a survey on behalf of the Liberal Democrats, asking local opinions of street cleanliness, crime, and green space. They said if I filled it out and left it sticking out the mail slot in our front door, they’d come by and grab it later. I happily did so.

The other visitor was a fellow who was trying to gather the 10 signatures necessary to run for Ealing council as the local Official Monster Raving Loony Party candidate. I’m all for electoral choice, so I signed his petition (I was the first). I was disappointed that he seemed to be one of the more sensible members of Screaming Lord Sutch’s satirical party, but he was quite polite.

Trudeaumania II

Well, would you look at that: from the Guardian,

The eldest son of late Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau said Thursday he plans to run for Parliament in the next election.

Justin Trudeau, 35, a former high school teacher, has long been expected to run for office for the Liberal Party. In the past few months, he has taken a higher profile on numerous issues, such as the environment and national unity.

The opposition Liberals will try to unseat the ruling Conservative Party in an election that could be called as soon as this spring.

Pierre Trudeau, who died at age 80 in 2000, was prime minister for almost all of a 16-year stretch from 1968-84. Sweeping to power on a wave of support nicknamed “Trudeaumania,” Trudeau had a charisma reminiscent of another young, dashing politician who had captivated the U.S. eight years earlier – former President John F. Kennedy.