I met up with you.know.who, aka Impish Scribe, today for the first time in a long time. We decided to hit one of those great British institutions: the pie and mash shop.

Down Tower Bridge Road we found one of Manze’s legendary shops. It was really something. Some very busy ladies slinging some tasty, locally-made dishes at an eager queue of eastenders (and us). They don’t do much here – just pie, mash, and eels – so they do it right. We each had a pie and mash, and shared a bowl of stewed eels. The eels were okay, but I think I prefer my minced beef pies. The whole thing was covered with a lot of parsley sauce, which I think I’d get them to go lighter on next time. I also had a cup of their sasparilla. It was cheap, tasty, and fun, and proper comfort food.

Afterwards we continued our catch-up at my favourite pub near London Bridge, the George Inn, which is as busy as it is ancient. Good times.