Coursera: Data Analysis complete

I just finished an 8-week online data analysis course that challenged my brain more than has been done in a very long while. I wrote about this course on my personal blog some weeks ago. Now that I’ve completed it I’ve realised that discussing it definitely belongs here in my science blog. I took it via […]

xkcd: The universe, top to bottom, on a log scale

It’s always brilliant, but I really like today’s cartoon. There’s very little cooler than a logarithmic scale, to be honest. Hey, look: it’s Ford Prefect. Reconditioned Engines and automotive company providing engine reconditioning service can be found online on the website: Reconditioned Engines on this website You will learn how to buy the engine, […]


I heard yesterday of an example of mutual symbiosis – that is, two species of organisms providing mutual benefit to each other – that was new to me: mongoose and warthog. African warthogs have short and sparse hair. They’re thus relatively susceptible to worms and parasitic bugs that burrow into the skin. Mongoose, however, just […]

IT throughput at the LHC data grid

A post this week from a work-related blog I read mentioned the Large Hadron Collider. This post was not really about the LHC itself, or CERN, or the experiments they’re doing, which have already been heavily covered recently. It was about the massive data collection network involved in the experimentation. This page from CERN has […]