Tomorrow morning I’m off to the US for six days for work. I’ll be in the high-tech Research Triangle area of North Carolina. I haven’t been able to find much interesting to do, and I’ll have the weekend there. Maybe I’ll go shooting and eat some huge portions of food.

The Return

Coming back to work hasn’t been as hellish as I’d feared. I guess not actually going away to a foreign land isn’t as work-destroying as hanging about London.

The other “return”, of sorts, was me watching John Carpenter’s The Thing for the umpteenth time on TV last night. God, I love that movie. It’s so sick and tense and perfect for a horror movie.

Yee haw

I’m keeping alive. There’s some Canadian anti-freeze in my blood yet, I guess.

Work is keeping me busy. Long meetings. I still haven’t adjusted, timewise, but I’m doing better.

Small social event after work today with my old work gang.

Side note: the rental car I have here this time is a Dodge Charger! That’s insane. I’d forgotten what “intermediate” size car means here in North America. For those unfamiliar with the car styles over here, the Dukes of Hazzard’s General Lee was a Dodge Charger:

although the new ones look a little different

Sweet train

The train schedule on the line that takes me to work changed this week. It’s a good change. The only downside is that the most convenient train for me leaves Ealing 4 minutes earlier than my previous regular train. However, it stops fewer times en route to Maidenhead, getting there a little more quickly. This is good because the old train arrived at a time when it was hit-or-miss about whether I’d catch the bus to the office immediately or have to wait 15 minutes; now I’m much more likely to make that bus.

The best part, though, is that it no longer makes the stop where we used to pick up a bazillion screaming, stupid schoolchildren. The train ride is now uniformly peaceful, civilised, and devoid of shitty music broadcast throughout the carriage from tinny mobile phones.