More MMR: blogs to the defense

Last week I blogged about Jeni Barnett, the LBC radio presenter profiled on Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science blog as an example of all that’s incorrect and uninformed about anti-vaccinationist positions. The audio of her show was shocking as it displayed willful ignorance.

A lot of bloggers, including me, blogged about the story. A lot of Ben’s readers, including me, wrote to LBC and complained about Barnett’s show; the response we got was that LBC had given Barnett a talking to.

LBC lawyers soon swooped down on Ben and threatened him with copyright violation for hosting that audio clip of the show. Ben, being a regular guy with little means to fight, took down the clip.

Bloggers came to the rescue and started producing and hosting transcripts of Barnett’s show.

There’s a good summary of all this in The Times today, including the weekend revelation that Andrew Wakefield’s MMR-scare-producing “study” was even more flawed than originally thought.

Boo Wakefield, boo LBC, boo Barnett.