First barbeque of the season

It was sunny and 22°C here in London yesterday. We (and probably lots of people) took advantage of this and cleaned up the barbeque, got a new tank of propane, and roasted a whole bunch of meat and veg for some friends.

The Neighbours, Mrs. Colombian, and AK came over mid-afternoon and stayed most of the day. It was a lot of fun, a really pleasant day of sitting outside, grilling sausages and burgers, having a drink, listening to music, and laughing.

We’d done our shopping at the Saturday farmer’s market in West Ealing, and the food was all really good. I got four types of pork sausages: smoked, with Stilton (blue cheese), with Mediterranean tomatoes, and with ale. There were two types of burgers: venison, and lamb and mint. We grilled some fresh red and yellow peppers, red onions, and mushrooms in oil and salt. And we had three types of cheeses, including some buffalo cheese. Mmm mmm.