Decemberists cover songs compiled

Excellent music blog You Ain’t No Picasso has gone to the bother (thanks!) ofcollecting MP3s of the 56 (and counting) live recordings of The Decemberists covering other artists’ songs. Few of them are obvious covers.

I admit it: I love covers. They fail as often as they work, but when they work they send a giddy shiver up my spine. That’s probably why I like Puritan Blister so much.

Guardian review of the new Decemberists album

You leave it with the closing episode of the title track…ringing in your ears, unable to decide whether it’s a brave experiment that doesn’t quite work or a stupid idea that almost succeeds despite itself. Still, if you only buy one prog-folk concept album about a maiden being ravished by a shape-shifting demon this year, The Hazards of Love should undoubtedly be it.

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