Concert delays

It looks like the Michael Jackson concerts at the O2 are becoming the car-crash most of us predicted they’d be. However, it’s happening before they’ve even started: the first four shows have been delayed because, the promoters say, he needs more rehearsal time. People are unhappy. I was going to have to sell or exchange mine – it’s the seventh show, I think – because I’m now visiting Canada at that time, but maybe it’ll be moved for me if he postpones a few more.

Also, Depeche Mode have cancelled concerts right up to May 27th due to Dave Gahan’s illness. We’re scheduled to see them in London on May 30th. Hmmm.

Depeche Mode: London, May 2009

This morning I managed to snag a couple of lower-tier tickets at the O2 forDepeche Mode next spring. It was close: I missed the presale because I forgot, and was working when the regular sale started. They were selling pretty quickly. They’ll probably add another show, but I wanted to get to this one because it’s on a Saturday night.

Depeche Mode

Photo from Fabbio via Creative Commons license